Your digital camera will probably take photos at a minimum of 14 MP - that's 14 Mega Pixels and would allow you to print a fairly large photo at least 24" x 36" (610 mm x 910 mm) without any real problems...

Even my phone takes 8MP photos

Small problem - well it's a large one really as the file it produces will be very large certainly too big for you to send through your email which will probably curb you to 10 MB for any one email

Remember we are trying to print a greetings card that measures 145mm square so it does't need to be that big - 2MB is perfectly OK

If you have photo editing on your computer you can reduce the file size by altering the image size -

Do Not Alter The Dpi, which is likely to be set at 300 

As always there are lots of ways around these small (large) problems

Make the files smaller or Send me multiple emails with a single photo on each one

You can use free transfer services on the web - I often use WeTransfer, which I find extremely good and it's free, which is nice


You could send me a CD with your photos on them

If you have problems or questions I am at the end of a phone - please call me...

You can send just about any format of file JPEG, PNG, TIFF - probably not RAW files as these are huge

Questions - please call or email - I am on your side

email :

telephone : 086 076 7970